Gay Brutal Tops

Brutal Tops

The world of BDSM just got a little spicier with Masters Maurice and Mike pushing Tattoo to his limits in their training session. However, things don’t go as planned for Tattoo as he finds himself on the receiving end of kicks and smacks for his mistakes. The hungry bottom is eager to please by licking the Master’s feet, but his mouth proves too dry. Tattoo begs for a drink to quench his thirst, and the Masters offer him a fresh stream of their piss to gulp down. However, his ungrateful behavior doesn’t go unnoticed as he throws up the rest of the liquid.

Master Mo’s legs are the next target for Tattoo’s tongue as he’s allowed to remove Mo’s shorts with his teeth. Tattoo finds himself in an interesting situation as he realizes the need to relieve himself. However, the Masters have something else in store for him as he’s forced to lie on the ground and humiliated while pissing himself. Welcome to the world of Brutal Tops.